Cruise RP-1 to Truly Automate the Driverless Audi Experience

The wheels of technology are in motion, and no one is behind the wheel -- at least not if you don't want there to be. If you drive a 2012 or newer Audi S4 or A4 model (or, better yet, are considering purchasing one), the Cruise RP-1 was made for you. Adaptive cruise control has a solid footing in the auto market, but a small start-up called Cruise Automation is about to take the fast lane past this semi-autonomous technology.

The Cruise RP-1 kit can be installed aftermarket, and it takes over the steering, braking, throttle and lane maintenance via overhead cameras, radar and a trunk-installed computer -- and it current only functions with the select Audi models. The $10,000 system is set to ship in 2015, and it will only be available in California for the time being.

Hear about the Cruise RP-1 from Cruise Adaptive founder Kyle Vogt:

Cleveland area roads may not be crawling with self-driving vehicles just yet, but maybe that's a good thing. Stop by our Audi Bedford dealership, located at 19400 Rockside Road n Bedford, OH, to meet all the latest Audi technology.

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