Cut Gas Costs with Audi Bedford's Tips

We hate to say this, but it's almost August which means we have one more official month of summer left. At Audi Bedford we want to share with you some tips for greater fuel efficiency before you head out for your last summer adventures.

  • Don't Use a Rooftop Cargo Box: Rooftop cargo can reduce fuel economy by 2-8 percent in city driving, and 6-17 percent on the highway.
  • Don't Drive Aggressively: Speed a little, break know the highway game. Driving like this can cut highway mileage by 33 percent, according to
  • Don't Drive with the Windows Down:Aerodynamic drag can cut MPG by up to 8.5 percent.
  • Remove Excess Weight: An extra 100 pounds could reduce your MPG up to 2 percent.

Visit us at Audi Bedford and test drive our fuel efficient models today before you head out for one last adventure.

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