550 Miles with No Driver? Not a Problem for this Audi A7

Yesterday, a driverless Audi A7 pulled into the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas after a 550-mile drive from California's Silicon Valley. The feat represents a new level of automobile intelligence that has been in the works at Audi for some time.

The special A7 was loaded with a series of radar and sensor technologies, as well as several cameras, that allowed it to travel up to 70 mph on the highway, pass other drivers, and change lanes. Although the technology is optimized for highway driving only, we're sure it's just a matter of time before its market-ready. Check out the second leg of the trip:

There's more than a few reasons Audi's piloted driving technology will make driving easier. From parking your car for you to safer highway travel, we have no doubt the stress of driving will go down in the near future thanks to smarter cars.

While we await this convenient technology, we still have plenty of impressive new Audi models to choose from here at Audi Bedford. Stop by our Bedford, OH location to talk Audi technology or take a test drive.

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