Audi adds to their super resume

We have already discussed Audi's acting talents in our last blog post, and recently it was announced the company was focusing their attention on creating a super fuel. The company already has an exceptional lineup of environmentally friendly cars, including its Audi e-tron and their line of Audi TDI clean diesel models like the Audi Q7, but with the help of green tech company Sunfire, Audi has helped change the world.

Together, Audi and Sunfire designed an e-diesel made of carbon dioxide (C02), water and renewable energy like wind and solar energy called "Blue Crude", however Sunfire only has the capacity to produce around 792.5 gallons in the coming months, so it may be a wait before the rest of the world is able to enjoy this safe and eco-friendly fuel. The companies do intend to expand their facility and increase production, but until then, visit us at Audi Bedford and test drive a new car that will transform your drive to something super.

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