Are you shopping for a new Audi vehicle in Bedford? At Audi Bedford, we offer great financing and lease options on all our new Audi vehicles. Both buying and leasing a new Audi vehicle have great benefits, but which option is right for you? We're here to help you enjoy the easiest and most informative shopping experience possible. That's why, to help you make a decision, we're going to highlight the benefits of buying and leasing a vehicle.

Why Should I Lease a New Audi Vehicle?

Because lease periods tend to only last 2-3 years, you only pay for the time that you drive the vehicle. This results in lower monthly payments compared to if you were paying for the entire price of the vehicle. Therefore, leasing your favorite new Audi vehicle will be easier and more affordable when you lease it. Because it's more affordable, you can upgrade to a nicer model or trim level of your favorite Audi model. Once your lease period is up, you can easily switch into a new Audi vehicle. This lets you enjoy the latest updates and advancements every few years.

Why Buy a New Audi Vehicle

If you know that you want to drive the same vehicle for some time, buying is the right option. When you buy a new Audi vehicle, it's yours once you pay it off. This gives you equity in your purchase, allowing you to get money back once you sell it. You can also drive your vehicle for as long or as many miles as you care to. You can address wear and tear at any time. When you're ready to get a new vehicle, you can sell your vehicle where you please.

Buy or Lease a New Audi Vehicle Online Today

When you're ready to consider all options, use our online shopping tools to learn more about both buying and leasing. We offer great Audi lease deals and work with many lenders to get you the best payment plans available.

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