Winter weather and temperatures cause a lot of stress on your vehicle if it isn't properly equipped. It doesn't matter how new or old your vehicle is, the cold can cause issues that can damage your vehicle. At Audi Bedford, we want to help you keep your vehicle in like-new condition for as long as you drive it. That's why we have some winter service tips to keep in mind and address before winter arrives. From monitoring your tires to changing your fluids, we're here to help you properly maintain your vehicle this winter.

Monitor or Change Your Tires

Cold temperatures cause your tire pressure to decrease. For every ten degrees, you'll lose about 1 PSI. This is caused by the air in the tires condensing. This can cause your tires to go flat, create unequal tire wear, lose fuel economy, and limit steering. That's why it's important to monitor and refill your tires if you see they're looking soft. If you don't have winter tires equipped, it's important to get them put on before the snow arrives. We can put your tires on for you or help you buy new winter tires.

Change Your Oil and Other Fluids

The cold will cause your motor oil to thicken and move slower. This limits it's ability to keep your engine clean and lubricate it, which can cause damage. That's why it's always a good idea to change your oil before the coldest temperatures arrive. The same is true about other fluids in your vehicle, especially the coolant. It's a good idea to flush and change most of your fluids in the winter.

Other Winter Service Areas of Attention

  • Check your lights
  • Check your battery
  • Change air filters
  • Replace windshield wipers and fluids

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