Winter is approaching quickly in Bedford, OH, and it's important to ensure your vehicle is prepared for it. Fall is the best time of the year to service your vehicle, as it lets us address all issues. The cold weather causes a lot of stress on different parts of your vehicle. We want to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the cold weather ahead. That's why we offer fast, professional Audi servicing and can get your vehicle ready for winter quickly and conveniently. From changing your tires and replacing fluids to checking your battery and more, we do it all.

Oil Changes

Cold weather negatively affects motor oil by causing it to flow slower or not at all. Since your oil protects and keeps your engine lubricated, it flowing slowly can be detrimental. That's why we suggest getting your oil changed in the fall. We offer both conventional and synthetic oil changes in Bedford to help your engine achieve peak performance through winter.

Check Your Battery

Cold weather makes it harder for your battery to hold a charge. If your battery is already low on charge, you could be finding yourself stranded this winter. Instead, we'll check your battery for you to see if it's performing correctly for the winter ahead. If it's low on charge, we'll switch it out with a new genuine Audi replacement battery.

Change Your Tires

Even with Quattro all-wheel drive, having winter tires is the only way to achieve optimal traction and control. We sell various name brand tires and will help you choose the right ones for your vehicle and driving style.

Schedule a Fall Service Appointment Today

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